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Soliddd is an optical technology company that has developed the world's first low-vision aid for macular degeneration that actually provides sight to those areas of the visual field where users previously have been blind.

We began years ago with inventions based on our unique understanding of the physics of autostereo 3D. Eventually our optics led us to discover a way that the human visual cortex can perceive 3D, which we can use to treat a number of conditions.


We are now in pre-clinical testing. So far, every single qualified subject with macular degeneration that we have tested has seen their reading speed increase by a factor of at least 50%, and most have seen many times that improvement.



Neal Weinstock



Jay Hirschson


Rich Muller pic.jpg

Richard A. Muller

Chief Science Officer

silbergleid for deck (002).jpg

Michael Silbergleid

VP, Marketing


Motti Attia

Director Business Development

Graham Stubbs pic new.jpg

Graham Stubbs

Lead Programmer

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