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We've invented vision correction for macular degeneration.

Soliddd brings real sight to hundreds of millions of vision-impaired people with the first true vision correction for macular degeneration. (This is usually abbreviated AMD for age-related macular degeneration, but it is often not age-related.) We actually provide sight in areas of the visual field where sufferers otherwise see distorted, flickering or murky images, or nothing at all.

We do this with a new kind of electronic eyeglasses that go far beyond typical AR-headset-based low-vision aids. We beam light in parallel rays from the periphery of your field of view to the far edges of your retina, and engage the visual cortex in a newly discovered way: stereo vision from each eye.


This allows highly accurate retinal mapping for the world’s best gaze tracking, and for diagnostics for a host of medical conditions.


It all combines into a unique and superior form of AR and VR glasses with a focus on vision correction and health. We call it Soliddd Vision™.

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