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Soliddd Glasses True Vision Correction for Retina Disorders

Macular degeneration affects millions of people worldwide, and the number expected to rise in coming years. Unfortunately, there are still limited treatment options available, and many patients struggle to improve their visual acuity. However, there is hope. Our Soliddd Vision Glasses the first true vision correction cutting-edge solution that gives sight to patients with Macular Degeneration.

The Soliddd Difference

Clinically tested and proven to improve reading speed by at least 50%

In qualified subjects with macular degeneration and glaucoma, Soliddd Vision has been shown to improve individuals’ reading speeds by a factor of at least 50%. These results are proven and supported by physicians and scientists at Lighthouse Guild, so you can feel confident presenting Soliddd Vision as a viable treatment option for your MD patients.

Patients can see the difference for themselves

Patients are often skeptical of low-vision devices, having tried several options unsuccessfully. Cost-conscious consumers are even less willing to try low-vision aids—doubting the benefits justify the expense.

Soliddd Vision is unlike any AR headset-based low-vision aid. While wearing Soliddd Vision, your patients can experience the powerful emotions of having real sight again, right in your office.

Improve Quality of Life of Your Patients

Current solutions don’t address vision loss from macular degeneration or correct patients’ vision. For this reason, many specialists can only help patients manage their MD and slow the progression of the disease. This leaves patients feeling helpless and gives specialists limited options for dealing with MD. 

Partner With Us

Soloiddd is partnering with select group of ophthalmologists, retina specialists and low vision experts to give access to our glasses for patients with MD and Glaucoma. Our unique offering:

  • First true vision correction for MD 

  • Measured improvement seen in patients with MD/glaucoma

  • Ability for patients to try device in office

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