Our licensees create a world where any consumer photo,
any image or video on the Internet, can be seen more compellingly in 3D VR.

... And enable a shift in imaging as big as that from black & white to color.

The Soliddd VR App made from a single 2D image

20fps, low-res video capture of Google Cardboard VR show as seen by wearer through headset.
Convincing virtual reality scenes can now be made in an automated fashion from 2D images.
40 inches of depth

Low resolution cellphone video capture of poster.
Note that parallax change in video is equivalent to natural parallax change through the window, but seen from much closer perspective: the depth effect is several times greater than nature.

Low resolution cellphone photos of extreme left and right views.

2D to 3D Conversion with minimized distortion, accurate depth projection

Created from a single image and associated depth map.

Soliddd Introduces...

The New Big Picture Lens
for truly lifelike 3D

If you think you've seen glasses-free 3D pictures before, you haven't.

By using the fundamental equations of physics and optics, together with advanced optical design methods, Soliddd is able to deliver a realistic 3D image unlike anything ever seen before, with depth no one else can produce.

All other lenticular 3D printing is flat compared to Soliddd pictures. Our technology delivers far more depth than all previous attempts at printed 3D.

Our new Big Picture lens delivers depth up to two meters (6 feet, 8 inches), including positive and negative parallax, with fine resolution. (Exact depth varies per printing process used.) For close view handheld images, we deliver up to 16 inches of depth, including positive and negative parallax, with fine resolution that allows easy reading of text. (Again, exact depth varies slightly per printing process used.) No one else can do that, either.

LensMax. WidthMax. LengthMax. Depth (+/-parallax)
Big Picture48 inchesUnlimited80 inches
Close View28 inchesUnlimited16 inches

Of course, you can't see our incredible glasses-free 3D in a 2D medium like a webpage. So contact us here to arrange for a demonstration.

You can do all this, too, by becoming a Soliddd licensee. And you can do it at lower cost, in quantity, than traditional lenticular 3D printing, because of our radically innovative and accurate suite of products, including our radically great and simple Replaceable Picture Frames.

Our technology works with Soliddd-qualified Epson Stylus Pro Series printers (720 dots per inch minimum) with our Soliddd software.

If you're a printer or a marketer, join us as a licensee. Contact us here.

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